The Space Economy Symposium

I attended a half-day symposium on The Space Economy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

The state of the Space economy is good. It has flattening because of maturing markets, such as GPS receivers which are cost less this year than last and because of the issues in the overall economy. The Satellite Revenue has increase 16% year over year and government funding has provided stability.

Research and development is important for our future in space. DARPA should be used as a model since it cancels nonperforming projects and it stimulates development on the cutting edge. Two areas panelist thought needed government funded research were for the development of large liquid fueled rocket engines and satellite to satellite links.

Other views of the Space Economy Symposium

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2 thoughts on “The Space Economy Symposium”

  1. Who is ” I attended” ?

    Was there any mention at the Chamber of Commerce meeting about why they are disbanding the Space Enterprise Council?

    Was the question asked?

    1. I, Karen Cramer Shea attended. When I attended the event I was unaware of plans to disband the Space Enterprise Council. I did not hear any mention of its disbanding. I don’t believe the question was asked.

      I read an article today, I can’t find it again, which stated the that the US Chamber of Commerce was refocusing efforts on Health Care and Renewable Energy, so it cut the Space Enterprise Council. This is especially sad in light of space Solar Power is our only real hope for sustainable, carbon free, large scale, world wide baseload power for the future.

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