Space Exploration Alliance

Space Exploration Alliance Blitz is now under way.
Requests for congress include

1. Support NASA as it aims for the asteroids, the Moon, Mars and Beyond

2. Close the Human Spaceflight Gap by accelerating development of vehicles such as Ares I and the Orion crew exploration vehicle, and by harnessing private sector ingenuity and programs such as COTS-D.

3. Fund Research into Space- Based Solutions to Earth’s Energy and Environmental Needs like Space Solar Power and Clean Helium-3 Fusion

4. Protect and Expand Opportunities for Private Industry and Entrepreneurship such as COTS-D

5. Keep Key Science Missions Alive – robotic space missions are important.

2 thoughts on “Space Exploration Alliance”

  1. does anyone have any clue about transferring hazardous elements from an asteroid to earth. i do hope there is a solution on not bringing them if there is. Sorry for busting chops…just curious.
    And wouldn’t it be neat to see particles from an asteroid used as an experiment in the proton colider? ummm…yaaaa!!!

  2. With an apparently friendly administration in office, these goals should be augmented and pressed with all resources available.

    Marshall Hagy

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