Space-Based Solar Power study released by Naval Research Laboratory

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) this week publicly released a study completed in November 2008 on Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP). This study was initiated by and prepared for top NRL management in part as result of the publication in October 2007 of the National Security Space Office’s (NSSO) report “Space-Based Solar Power as an Opportunity for Strategic Security”.

The study concluded “that SBSP concepts and technologies are inherently viable, require further development, and are integral to many national security applications for energy independence and military superiority. Compelling research and collaboration opportunities exists for qualified organizations like NRL. Leadership needs to focus these efforts to construct a SBSP capability with true benefit and value.”

The complete report, Space-Based Solar Power: Possible Defense Applications and Opportunities for NRL Contribution, is now available online as part of the NSS Space Solar Power Library.

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3 Responses to Space-Based Solar Power study released by Naval Research Laboratory

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  2. It is good to hear about a study like this, because all you hear about solar energy from space was like utopia, but not any more…

  3. John Urwn says:

    Great work David! I will share it with many.

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