Singularity University

Singularity University Presentation

Singularity University to Study Accelerating Technologies, Launches at NASA Ames

MOUNTAIN VIEW and LONG BEACH, Calif. — (TED CONFERENCE) — February 3, 2009 – With the support of NASA, Google and a broad range of technology thought leaders and entrepreneurs, a new university will launch in Silicon Valley this summer with the goal of preparing the next generation of leaders to address “humanity’s grand challenges.” Singularity University (SU) ( will open its doors in June 2009 on the NASA Research Park campus with a nine-week graduate-level interdisciplinary curriculum designed to facilitate understanding, collaboration, and innovation across a broad range of carefully chosen scientific and technological disciplines whose developments are exponentially accelerating.

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  1. wow…I hope establishing a “clean” market for the people in Africa is on the agenda. Saving the world…I love it!!!

    There is a “communication breakdown” believe it or not…lets just pray that this team can fix it.

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