Obama's NASA Picks

Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Scott Gration is reportedly favored to be nominated as the next NASA Administrator according to MSNBC.  His space experience was as White House Fellow working for Hans Mark. He has military experience. But his biggest credential is he is close to Obama which may matter more than anything to aid NASA in the future.

Dave Noble who led the effort to mobilize gay and lesbian voters for Obama will serve as the White House’s liaison to NASA, according to a source for Washington Blade.

Bringing in outsiders may be a benefit, but I hope they are good listeners and good managers.

Ad Luna,

Karen Shea

One thought on “Obama's NASA Picks”

  1. Look Obama likes him and he likes Obama. He is a young general that does not like nuclear weapons. He is going to make nuclear weapons obsolete to the world. He got everything done for Hans Mark, the guy that pushed SDI and ended communist russia. I would not be surprised if we get a new branch of the military soon, called the Space Force, with a new mission. That new mission will be space solar power, to electrify the world with clean renewable energy, to end the global threat of energy wars. They will be put up by space tethers, not rockets. Rockets are just too expensive to put up all the SSP mass. A side benefit will be the creation of a transporation infrastructure for Mars colonization. Just watch, this is all going to happen

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