NASA Stifling Disent

Barriers to Innovation and Inclusion

On Wayne Hale’s Blog, there is a new post called Stifling Disent.  References the above video which shows some of the ways new ideas are delt with by NASA.  There is also a link to a PDF Inclusion & Innovation Enhancement Initiative, Barrier Analysis Team, White Paper, January 2009, NASA JSC.

Why does Wayne Hale considers new ideas as DISENT?

NASA claims to be an science and technology agency. New ideas should be nurtured and encouraged not considered disent.

I have heard NASA frequently say they are looking for they are looking for Out of  The Box solutions but as one who has never figured out where The mythical Box Is let alone been inside it, I have found NASA openly hostile to Out of The Box solutions.

For instance I have a solution to the astronaut glove problem which I actually presented to NASA, the silence in response has been deafening.  It is especially suprising since the solution would require no new engineering, save money on launch cost and greatly enable the settlement of space.

I would love to hear from NSS members about their experiences on how NASA reacted to new ideas from within and from outside.

Note- To understand the orgin of this video or the process of striving for openess at NASA –Pathways Beyond Barriers to Inclusion & Innovation

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