Mars is calling: Be part of the conversation!

NASA is busy replanning the future Mars Exploration Program — and wants to hear from you!

NASA has opened a forum for public input on its Mars Exploration Program, the purpose of which is to achieve high-priority science goals and address the challenges of sending humans to Mars, all within an environment of very constrained budgets. NASA is inviting the Mars exploration community and all interested people, regardless of educational or professional background, to engage in a conversation about the future of Mars exploration.

The NASA Mars Forum can be found at:

You first need to register to submit questions or comments. After registering, wait for the email where you submit your password. Then login and submit a question or comment. You can also agree or disagree with a statement already posted.

This dialogue on Mars will only be open for participation until July 1, 2012.

One thought on “Mars is calling: Be part of the conversation!”

  1. Great that NASA is reaching out to the general community for feedback.
    Solar System exploration, and especially Mars, will not only create a laboratory for the invention of new products for use on Earth, but will also rekindle the collective imagination of our country about solidarity and dreaming about reaching out into the heavens.

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