Make Your Views on Space Heard

The National Space Society (NSS) cordially invites your participation in the 2017 Annual Alliance for Space Development (ASD) August Home District Blitz congressional action event. During the blitz, local groups will arrange to visit their Congressperson’s home district offices during the August recess to increase awareness about space related issues. Briefing materials will be provided on topics such as Ultra Low Cost Access to Space initiatives, legislation to enable Cislunar commercialization, making space settlement part of the mission of NASA, and support for planetary defense. The August Home District Blitz is free and open to all; invite your space-interested friends.

Signup is via a form at After submitting the form you will receive an email with further instructions.  Please direct any questions to August Blitz Chair Amador Salinas at or NSS Policy Chair Dale Skran at You can find information on past August Blitzes at

See draft talking points for the 2017 August Blitz. Final talking points for printing should be available by mid-July.

1 thought on “Make Your Views on Space Heard”

  1. I think the ISS should be expanded, using modified resupply vessels HTVs ATVs etc. Make a space hotel. NASA through UNOOSA, should share technology and allow nations that don’t have space programs, like Australia to build cheap transport to the ISS as India has done.

    America should engage actively with the European Union to build the Lunar Village, and then move as much industry off the earth as possible cleaning up space junk as you go.

    Start aiming for the nearest stars with interstellar missions. Continue with the Voyager and new horizons mission series exploring the Kuiper belt and beyond.

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