Lori Garver for NASA Administrator?

Lori Garver, former NASA Associate Administrator of Policy and Plans, and space policy adviser to Democratic politicians – who was expected to be named the new NASA Administrator earlier in the week according to sources – will lead a major content review of the Constellation Program, in an attempt to find a way forward to get the schedule “back” into the March, 2015 timeframe for the debut manned flight of Orion.- Refining Constellation’s plans to make 2015 – Hanley proposes major changes

Has congressional wrangling knocked out the leading contenders? I had heard Lori was being considered for the number 2 slot but this is the first time I have heard possibility of her as Administrator. Congradulations, Lori.

3 thoughts on “Lori Garver for NASA Administrator?”

  1. Is Lori still being considered for the position? I’d like to send a comment to
    the White House supporting her nomination. Is anyone else doing this?
    I hope Lori gets the job – the fist woman administrator with no doubt she’s
    qualified for the job.

  2. Well, sexism nd racism rears its head at NASA..A black appointee for head and an also-ran female for second place. Where are the hispanics?
    Might as well shut NASA down. Look for more accidents as we mix politics and science.

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