Guidelines for the National Space Society Blog

All posts and comments are to be related to the creation of a spacefaring civilization and relevant technological developments, NSS, or respectful posts about prominent individuals related to NSS or the larger space development field.

Promoting unity within the space development field is a primary goal of this blog so all posts should avoid unnecessary controversy and dragging NSS as a whole into controversy.

Discussions and criticism should be about concepts of space development or NSS policies and their technical or political merits, not about individuals.

The Editor,
Karen Shea

1 thought on “Guidelines for the National Space Society Blog”

  1. As I look at these “Guidelines” I have a few comments.

    1) At age 77 I’m becoming sensitive to text size, character, and darkness. I think this little input window and its text size are nearly too small for public service.

    2) I think the Guidelines would be improved by one or two orientation paragraphs outlining the structure of this Blogs section.

    3) I think the Guidelines could also use an outline of how to post into this Blogs area. When I came here I didn’t see at first how to do it, and as I write, I have no feel for what comes next.

    4) I propose New Courier Bold a size or two up from what I see in your pages now for your general postings. However did this extremely skinny text come into general use?

    Cheers — Martha Adams

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