Global Warming Debate Heating Up

Harrison Schmitt doesn’t believe that humans are causing global warming. “I don’t think the human effect is significant compared to the natural effect,” said Schmitt.
Former astronaut speaks out on global warming

Imagine There’s No Global Warming


On the other side John P. Holdren, President Obama’s choice to advise him on matters of science policy says  “Climate change is real, it is accelerating, it is caused in substantial part by human activity, it is dangerous and it is getting more so,”
Climate Change by Frank Morring Jr. for Aviation Week.

This should get interesting. I propose we act as if we are causing it while we figure out if we are.

One thought on “Global Warming Debate Heating Up”

  1. And I used to like Jack Schmitt. Still do when he’s talking about the Moon. But he seems to have sold himself a few years ago on this one. On the “31,000 scientists” mentioned in the video, or is it 60,000? see this list of debunkings. To get a much more accurate view of where scientists stand today, take a look at Jim Prall’s list of most-cited climate scientists and the various petitions signed or statements they have made.

    There really is a scientific consensus on this, despite a handful of holdouts with other opinions.

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