Frontiers of Propulsion Science by Marc G. Millis and Eric W. Davis

Frontiers of Propulsion Science is the first-ever compilation of emerging science relevant to such notions as space drives, warp drives, gravity control, and faster-than-light travel – the kind of breakthroughs that would revolutionize spaceflight and enable human voyages to other star systems. Although these concepts might sound like science fiction, they are appearing in growing numbers in reputable scientific journals. From AIAA

Congratulations Marc!

Frontiers of Propulsion Science
Marc G. Millis, NASA Glenn Research Center
Eric W. Davis, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics Series, 227
Published by AIAA, © 2009, 739 pages, Hardback
ISBN-10: 1-56347-956-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-56347-956-4

4 thoughts on “Frontiers of Propulsion Science by Marc G. Millis and Eric W. Davis”

  1. Just to clarify, Eric and I are the ‘editors’ and part of the total of 18 contributing authors. Also, this book is aimed at professionals and graduate students, so the level of detail is deep. I hope that this step – to lay the foundations of targeted research – helps others to pursue such ambitions with both the vision and rigor to make genuine progress.

    Thank you for posting news of our book.


  2. Look to the ideas and inventions of Nikola Tesla, Magnetic energy is a viable and more abundant resource then you can ever imagine! It is more abundant in space for use in a magnetic energy propulsion system. The technology is real! If you want to fold space and time to travel from one point to another in a matter of minutes or seconds then you need a very LARGE energy source which is largely and easily collected outside the influences of the magnetic field of the earth. Look at the Hutchison effect for a magnetic”bubble” to keep you outside the gravitational pull of any celestial body or planet. The technology is real…. Building a Spaceship of any size is practical.

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