2 thoughts on “Express Your Opinion on Space”

  1. The stated goal of going to Mars is fine, as well as the new efforts to promote a permanent presence on the Moon. In general, all people around the world can understand such goals, but they can also understand goals beyond these.
    A goal of going to Alpha Centauri and approaching the time slowing effect of near light speed – although admittedly extremely beyond any technological know how at this point in time – are nevertheless goals that can be understood by all humanity everywhere, and are goals that would surely excite more enthusiasm about the lesser goals of Mars and the Moon presently.
    These are goals more nearly related to the extension of human life itself.
    I have traveled all over the world, and most recently to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The goal of preserving human life is understood there as well as everywhere else. It would be a goal of unity for all and could, indeed, replace all of the other devisive forces with a common inclusiveness, and vastly more resources.
    Why can this not be seen, and done ?

  2. Space is there for us and others to explore. I bet you any money the diversity you will find out there will be perennial. We need a deep space exploration vehicle and the right crew to go along with it. A crew that values life and wants nothing to do with taking advantage of it. Lets hope kepler strikes gold.

    Good question…why can this not be seen, and done.
    This is what i feel and see. The vast majority does not value commitment any more…Marriage is a joke to many and people have lost touch with faith.

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