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I went to the DC – L5 chapter meeting of the NSS on Sunday. DC-L5 meets in the Tysons-Pimmit Library in Falls Church Virginia.  Which is not exactly DC, it is barely within the belt way. (I live so far inside the beltway, I rarely venture that far out.) It had a turn out of about 12 people.  Donnie and David Lowther had a great spread of snacks. We watched some great videos about the history of space flight and then disused them and other aspects of space. The chapter seemed to be thriving as 4 people joined or renewed their memberships.

Keep up the good work DC-L5.

What is going on with your chapter?

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  1. SD Space has been super busy getting ready for the San Diego Science Festival. It’s going to be a big audience, so we’re pulling out all the stops: simulating rocket launches on a computer, launching real water rockets, modeling a space elevator with climbers, presenting space solar power, driving Mars rovers by remote video feed, and seriously taxing our small-chapter abilities. Still, it’s lots of fun!

    Our preparations actually got us featured in Monday’s issue of the local paper:

  2. The local Seattle NSS affiliate lost their favorite “business meeting” site Barnaby’s two months ago. The weekly “Business Meetings” in Seattle are sometimes more fun than the regular meetings because lots of people are busy in Seattle on Weekends, so the weekly is better attended. Everybody brings their laptops for the free wi-fi and buys munchies and eats and pontificates on space and eats some more…some people even drink beer there too. Chris Vancil has a space suit idea. Susan “Atomicsuperman” Kaltenbach gives us the inside skinny on whats happening at Blue Origin and Andrews Space and Tech because she works at both places. Curtis Snow and David Stuart are alwasy there too.

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