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Buzz Aldrin "Dances to the Stars"

The National Space Society wishes Apollo 11 astronaut, and NSS Governor, Buzz Aldrin, great success in his latest adventure. As the next installment in his tireless efforts to raise public awareness of and support for the future of our nation’s … Continue reading

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Space Artist Robert McCall Passes Away

The National Space Society is greatly saddened by the news that renowned space artist and long time advocate for human space exploration and settlement, Robert McCall, passed away February 26 at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Osborne in his home town of … Continue reading

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Malta and the Moon

THE MOON FOR ALL MANKIND – THE MALTA MOON The moon is our closest celestial body and by far the brightest object in the night sky. It has fascinated man since antiquity. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 celebrates the … Continue reading

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Space Art, NASA, and NSS

After the Storm by Raymond Cassel cover art for the NSS Space Settlement 2009 Wall Calendar Many people have cited science fiction as instilling in them an interest in space exploration. For me it wasn’t just science fiction but also … Continue reading

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