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Space Settlements Represent Hope for Humankind

The National Space Society (NSS) offers a comparison of its vision for space settlement to that promoted by many dystopian science fiction movies of today.  NSS has supported the concept of rotating space settlements in orbit or deep space since … Continue reading

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Great Lunar Video

Galileo’s Imperfect World: The Moon When Galileo shattered Heaven’s perfection, he may have unlocked the door to Humanity’s prosperity. Governments are now joined by private companies in a renewed race to prospect – and profit from – lunar resources. Credit: … Continue reading

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Malta and the Moon

THE MOON FOR ALL MANKIND – THE MALTA MOON The moon is our closest celestial body and by far the brightest object in the night sky. It has fascinated man since antiquity. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 celebrates the … Continue reading

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SpaceX Texas Test Site Tour Video

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Using Space to Save The Earth From Global Warming

Watch Five Ways To Save The World  |  View More Free Videos Online at

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See The STAR TREK Trailer

Here is different one. New STAR TREK Movie Trailer

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Director's Screening of the Film "Orphans of Apollo"

  The International Space University, The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation & George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute   Invite You To An Exclusive Director’s Screening of the Award Winning Film “Orphans of Apollo”     Inaugural Event for the New … Continue reading

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Moon The Movie

A new movie for all the Lunartics is coming out this year. Director Duncan Jones is bringing us Moon, a hardcore sci-fi movie he imagined and co-wrote. The movie moon is starring starring Sam Rockwell in the lead role with … Continue reading

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