ISDC Preliminary Schedule Online

ISDC Schedule and Programming – Preliminary Program Grid .

Buzz Aldrin- Lunar module pilot for Apollo 11 and former Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors

Elon Musk -Co-founder of PayPal and Space Exploration Technologies

Dr. George Nield – Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, FAA

Alan Ladwig – Senior Advisor to the NASA Administrator

Eric Anderson – CEO, Space Adventures

George Whitesides – Senior Advisor to the NASA Administrator and former NSS Executive Director.

Gwen Shotwell -President, SpaceX

Steve Cook – Manager, Ares Projects, NASA

Richard Garriott- Sixth private citizen to conduct a space mission aboard the ISS

Alan Lindenmoyer – Manager, Commercial Crew & Cargo Program, NASA

Julie A. Sattler -Vice President & General Manager, Special Programs Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Brig Gen Susan Mashiko – Vice Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA

Tim Pickens – CEO, Orion Propulsion

Ms. Lynn Cline – Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA HQ

Janet C. Karika – Director, Interagency Launch Programs Jacobs NASA Launch Services Program

Robert D. Richards -Founder & CEO, Odyssey Moon Ltd., Director of Space Technology, Optech Incorporated

John Mankins – President, Space Power Association

Brett Alexander – President, Personal Spaceflight Federation

Janet Petro – Deputy Director, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Chris Lewicki – Phoenix Mission Manager

Andrew Chaikin – Author and Space Historian

Robert Zubrin – Author and President of the Mars Society

Now is the time to register and make your hotel reservations for NSS’ Annual conference.

It Is Time To Register for The ISDC

It is time to register for the International Space Development Conference

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference for the National Space Society and has grown into the largest public space conference of the year.  It is a national gathering for space-interested leaders and citizens to connect, re-energize and make plans for the future.

Space Ambassadors Needed at the ISDC

Dear Space Ambassador Program Participants

We need your presence at the National Space Society International Space Development Conference (ISDC) 2009, in Orlando, Florida on May 28 –May 31 for what promises to be the biggest and best citizens’ space conference of the year.

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference for the National Space Society and has grown into the largest public space conference of the year.  It is a national gathering for space-interested leaders and citizens to connect, re-energize and make plans for the future.

There will be a Space Ambassadors Program reception on Thursday evening, a participation workshop scheduled during the conference to review the program participation rules & guidelines,  a extensive conference program of presentations/panel discussions, along with a myriad of opportunities for networking.  If you are in the space business or want to be, ISDC 2009 is the place to be.

Since the National Space Society in partnership with Virgin Galactic announced the formation of the Space Ambassador Program at the International Space Development Conference in Washington D.C. last year we have been busy transforming the concept into a viable program.  As of now we have over 3,600 very excited volunteers and enrollment is still growing.   Our goal is to train volunteer Ambassadors to go into their own communities and make presentations to students, interest advocacy groups, and civic organizations on the opportunities space offers for helping to provide for a positive future.  A future they can be a part of making real.  Our mission is to foster and excite our young people to seek educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, aerospace and aeronautical fields. We need to inform these young Pioneers about the current and future opportunities needed to grow the Space Industry in both Government and Private sectors. 

Hope you can come join us at ISDC 2009!

Lee Jones
Space Ambassadors Program Director

Affiliate Organizations needed for ISDC 2009!

The 2009 ISDC Affiliate Organization application information is now online at

We are looking for a variety of groups that share our excitement for space exploration!  Groups can be local to the Orlando area in FL or a national organization with members that might be interested in coming to ISDC.   

Bringing in Affiliate Organizations are a great way to expand our grassroots advocacy to whole new groups of people!  Please look at your local community and groups where you are a member and see if it is a fit for your organization. There is no cost to become an Affiliate Organization, just a committment to tell your members about ISDC!

ISDC 09 – Call For Presentations

The National Space Society is seeking presentations and speakers to discuss the latest issues in space technology, science, policy, commerce, medicine, exploration, settlement and more. This year’s conference highlights exciting new developments across the space community, from NASA’s Constellation program to the advent of space tourism.

Abstract Submissions – Deadline April 15

Abstracts should comprise 300-500 words text only (no pictures, graphics, charts, etc.), in English. Submitted abstracts should contain recent results of research, applications development or investigation, and implementation. Abstracts should address the purpose, scope, objectives of the work, and briefly summarize approach or methodologies, important results, and the significance and envisioned applications. Student papers from all areas are strongly encouraged. Please note that formal papers are not required for speaker consideration.

Please keep in mind that individual presentations will be limited to 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions, and group presentations and panels will be limited to 50 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

ISDC Abstract Submission Form