Can Space Save the American and Global Economy?

In The Space Advocate Douglas Mallette wrote How Space Exploration and Development Can Save the American and Global Economy.

I have talked before on how I think that this current economic depression gives us the greatest opportunity to change the direction of how America operates and does business. The days of invisible money, house flipping and banking/Wall St. shenanigans is over. It is time for America to become a nation of production once again, and not just a nation of consumers and spenders

My solution, as some of you may know, revolves around the development of a serious space program that involves the entire nation. I am not talking about a quick fix, 10 year program like going to the moon in the 60’s. I am talking about a permanently established infrastructure system dedicated to the infinite reaches of space.

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  2. Adam says:

    Well it’s obvious something’s wrong when wealth is counted in dollars and not what’s been done with those dollars.

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