Buzz Aldrin for NASA Administrator?

There is a new Facebook group aimed at getting Buzz Aldrin appointed the next NASA Administrator. Buzz Aldrin for NASA Admin

We need a NASA administrator that has the vision, tenacity, and talent to achieve the vision of a multi-planet species.

NASA is at a crossroads, and we need someone to lead it.

Contact Obama today, and tell him to nominate Buzz!

7 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin for NASA Administrator?”

  1. NOMINATE BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow…Good luck Buzz!!! im praying for you!!!

    im not even a U.S citizen and im jumping out of my chair

  2. He has already done quite a bit for space explorations, even if you don’t count Apollo 11. In 1959, he wrote a doctoral thesis at MIt on orbital mechanics and maneuvering which became the basis for how everyone in space does rendezvous and docking procedures. During the Gemini program, he developed the techniques for working during EVA that are still used today on the ISS, as well as the familiar underwater training for EVA. In effect, he is as responsible for the construction of the ISS as anyone presently working for NASA,ESA or the RSA.
    There is no telling what he will be able to accomplish if he becomes NASA Administrator.

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