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The Future of the Space Program

National Space Society CEO Mark Hopkins issues the following statment based on his speech at the 2011 International Space Development Conference (see 7-minute video of speech). For media interviews contact The ultimate goal of the National Space Society is … Continue reading

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British Research Team Will Test Laser for Space Based Solar Power

Using small solar satellites that beam power to Earth has recently become a popular idea. Various groups have shown an interest, including the military for remote expeditions and governments that can use it for disaster relief and even remote desalination … Continue reading

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Obama says he plans to see Americans to Mars

Statement by the President on the Launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis July 8, 2011 Today, Americans across the country watched with pride as four of our fellow citizens blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in the Space Shuttle … Continue reading

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Beam it up, Scotty: 3D Printing may have space applications

Tools and mechanical parts might be “beamed” up to a space station or a lunar or Mars base using technology that has in recent years become a central process in design prototyping known as 3D printing or SLS (selective laser … Continue reading

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Obama on Space at Twitter Town Hall

July 6, 2010: President Obama answers a question about space at his Twitter Town Hall. QUESTION: “Now that the space shuttle is gone, where does America stand in space exploration?” THE PRESIDENT: We are still a leader in space exploration. … Continue reading

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Australians Receive Funding for Plasma Thruster

Australia National University’s Plasma Research Laboratory has received a grant to help build its Helicon Double Layer Thruster (HDLT). If successful, the driver could be in space as early as 2013. Because of the high temperatures generated in plasma drives, … Continue reading

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The End of the Space Age?

The cover story of the July 2 edition of The Economist loudly proclaims “The End of the Space Age.” National Space Society Director Al Globus responds below (opinions expressed are his own and not necessarily those of the National Space … Continue reading

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SpaceWorks Commercial Releases Analysis of Its First Revenue Space Solar Power Satellite Concept

The latest addition to the NSS Space Solar Power Library is a new paper released by SpaceWorks Commercial entitled “Operational Demonstration of Space Solar Power (SSP): Economic Analysis of a First Revenue Satellite (FRS)” [PDF], presented at the recent 28th … Continue reading

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A Fusion Thruster for Space Travel

IEEE Spectrum reports that a NASA engineer has come up with a new way to fling satellites through space on mere grams of fuel, tens of times as efficiently as today‚Äôs best space probe thrusters. Instead of using deuterium and … Continue reading

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