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Great Lunar Video

Galileo’s Imperfect World: The Moon When Galileo shattered Heaven’s perfection, he may have unlocked the door to Humanity’s prosperity. Governments are now joined by private companies in a renewed race to prospect – and profit from – lunar resources. Credit: … Continue reading

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Vision of the Future

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The Washington Post on Space Commercialization

Spaced Out NASA’s vision for human exploration needs some hard questions and perhaps an entrepreneurial boost in the Washington Post Now that the station is nearly complete, this might be an optimal time to open space to entrepreneurs. Many companies … Continue reading

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Asteroid Defense

Scientists design spacecraft to save Earth A spacecraft capable of saving the world from a catastrophic asteroid collision has been designed by British space scientists. Now, a team of British engineers have designed a real-life spacecraft to save the world … Continue reading

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ARPA-E Seeks Public Input

Tell the government about space solar power. Request for Information Program: Advanced Research Project Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) Release Date: August 31, 2009 Deadline for Responses: September 25, 2009, 5:00PM EST Submission Method: Responses are to be submitted as email … Continue reading

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Japan to Spend $21 Billion on SSP

Japan Plans $21 Billion Solar Space Post to Power 294,000 Homes by Ariel Schwartz in Inhabitat. The concept of space-based solar power was introduced way back in 1968, but it’s only recently that the world has latched on to the idea. … Continue reading

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Alan W. Dowd on The Gap

Surrendering Outer Space-America yields the high ground - By Alan W. Dowd in Policy Review published by the Hoover Institution. What if, in the midst of the epic contest to explore and colonize the New World, Britain — the greatest seafaring power … Continue reading

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Paths to Space Settlement

I’ve recently finished a paper on space settlement called “Paths to Space Settlement.”  Here’s the abstract: A number of firms are developing commercial sub-orbital launch vehicles to carry tourists into space. Let’s assume they attract many customers and become profitable. … Continue reading

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