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Islands in Space: The Challenge of the Planetoids, the Pioneering Work of Dandridge M. Cole

NASA is again considering the feasibility of manned missions to the asteroids. However, this idea is not without precedent. Scientists began seriously considering asteroids as targets of exploration in the 1960s. The leading proponent of such missions was American aerospace … Continue reading

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Beyond Tranquility

Our species and our ancient forbears were and remain innately a migratory species. The lure and call of distant lands and new horizons is an ancient passion. Modern science offers us tantalizing evidence of this wanderlust and has helped us … Continue reading

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From Olduvai Gorge to the Sea of Tranquility

By far the two most remarkable photographs of the twentieth century are the ones shown above. For they encapsulate the whole evolutionary and cultural history of humanity and its possible destiny. In 1978, paleontogist Mary Leaky and her team discovered … Continue reading

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International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space

September 8-10, 2009,  SPACE Canada in cooperation with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) will welcome representatives from the international community of science and technology, members of the academic community, experts in space and international law, leaders in the fight against … Continue reading

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Calls for the return of NIAC

Expert panel urges NASA to revive futuristic think tank NASA should revive its Institute for Advanced Concepts, a blue-skies idea mill that closed in 2007, says an expert panel – but it says the new incarnation should have its feet … Continue reading

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Mike Snead on Augustine Committee "Options and Decisions"

After reviewing the slides in the presentation “Options and Decisions on Human Exploration Discussion, August 5, 2009, my impression that the decision process ignores a needed focus on human space flight safety. How is it possible to prepare, review, debate, … Continue reading

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Slides on Augustine Panel Decsion Process

Review of US Human Space Flight Plans Committee-Options and Decisions on Human Exploration Discussion August 5, 2009. These are Augustine Panel member Ed Crawley’s Powerpoint slides. This article elborates on the meaning of the slides. Presidential Panel Narrows Options for NASA’s … Continue reading

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Spudis on Moon and Mars

Next Step or No Step by Paul D. Spudis Mars First advocates worry about getting “stuck on the Moon.” In fact, it is their obsession for Mars that has kept us in low Earth orbit for the last 40 years. … Continue reading

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Does NASA Need a Goal?

At the Augustine Committee Meeting in Washington DC on Wednesday Dr. Robert Zubrin talked about the two NASA operating modes, with and without a goal. Suggesting that without a goal NASA will not make real progress. What is your opinion? … Continue reading

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The Atlantica Expeditions – The First Undersea Colony

The first Atlantica Expedition will begin on August 2nd, 2010. Three Aquanauts – Dennis Chamberland, Claudia Chamberland and Terrence Tysall, will submerge in the Leviathan Habitat and set a new world’s record for uninterrupted stay beneath the surface shattering the … Continue reading

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