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The Importance of Space to the US Economy

Shortsighted, reckless plan: Cutting NASA’s budget would hurt economy BY ROBERT HOPKINS in Florida Today Hertzfeld observed, although immense, the economic value of these space-based services and applications is not fully appreciated and is not included when calculating the size … Continue reading

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Congratulate your Graduate with an NSS gift membership

Your son or daughter has worked hard and has now earned that high school or university degree.  One way to help them further their interests in space is with a gift membership to NSS.  Student membership starts at just $18.  … Continue reading

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Historic Picture

I was reading a copy of News & Notes, a publication of the NASA Historical Division and on page 25, I came across a historic picture with the caption “Lori Garver, of the Obama Transition Team, talks with NASA Administrator … Continue reading

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Mars Society Convention and Blitz

Twelfth International Mars Society Convention will obe at University of Maryland, College Park on July 30 – August 2, 2009 2009 Great Mars Blitz! On the afternoon of July 30th, 2009, The Mars Society will be conducting the Great 2009 … Continue reading

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NewSpace 2009

Space Frontier Foundation is holding the NewSpace 2009 Conference at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California from Friday, July 17, through Monday, July 20. NewSpace 2009 Agenda   Also the Space Frontier Foundation has extended the deadline for … Continue reading

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Mike Snead's Presentation on Future Energy Needs and Availability

Here is Mike Snead’s Presentation from the Space Solar Power Track at the ISDC.  It is a great analysis of future energy needs and availability. Energy, SSP, and Jumpstarting America’s Spacefaring Future (52 charts; 13 Meg; PowerPoint 2003 format) This … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Partnership

Should India and the US cooperate on space solar power? by Taylor Dinerman If the US has a serious medium-term need for a very large new source of clean energy, India needs it even more. While there is a lot of … Continue reading

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Express Your Opinion on Space

Space Expectations Survey by A Cosmic Study by the International Academy of Astronautics. Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans committee istaking comments and holding open meetings.

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Thank you for attending the 2009 International Space Development Conference (ISDC)! We will see you next year in Chicago for ISDC 2010.

- Continuing Education Units are still available for attendees of ISDC!  Click for details.  – High-definition recordings of many sessions are now available online at – DVDs of the sessions can be purchased by contacting  Dennis Whipple. -denniswhipple … Continue reading

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Space Policy for Beginners

Space policy 101: civil space 2009 by Dwayne Day One of the inherent features of bureaucracies is that they deal poorly with uncertainty. In a leadership vacuum nobody wants to make decisions and thus activities slam to a halt. That was … Continue reading

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