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Mark Hopkins: Space Movement – Spring 2009

Ideas: The Central Thrust of the NSS Strategic Plan When we were in the early stages of producing the NSS Strategic Plan, we analyzed what had worked well for us in the past. We looked at not only the history … Continue reading

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ISDC Preliminary Schedule Online

ISDC Schedule and Programming – Preliminary Program Grid . Speakers Buzz Aldrin- Lunar module pilot for Apollo 11 and former Chairman of the NSS Board of Governors Elon Musk -Co-founder of PayPal and Space Exploration Technologies Dr. George Nield – … Continue reading

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Pacific Gas and Electric Seeks Aproval to Purchase 200 Megawatts of Space Solar Power

PG&E is seeking approval from state regulators for a power purchase agreement with Solaren Corp., a Southern California company that has contracted to deliver 200 megawatts of clean, renewable power over a 15 year period. Solaren says it plans to … Continue reading

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Climate Engineering Or Space Solar Power Which is the Better Option?

Obama looks at climate engineering The president’s new science adviser said Wednesday that global warming is so dire, the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth’s air. John Holdren told The Associated Press in his first interview since … Continue reading

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The Catch-22 of Space Development

Catch -22 is the title of a Joseph Heller novel, the title comes from a catch in the rules which creates an insolvable dilemma. Catch-22 is explained in the following quote from the book. Yossarian looked at him soberly and … Continue reading

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World Moon Bounce Day Celebrates 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

World Moon Bounce Day will be June 27 in Australia and June 26 in the U.S., Echoes of Apollo (EOA), an international space education organization, in cooperation with the National Space Society, will announce Tuesday. Participants worldwide will celebrate the … Continue reading

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Russians Looking To Replace Soyuz

Russia to unveil spaceship plans The Earth-orbiting version of the ship would have a mass of 12 tonnes, carry a crew of six, along with no less than 500kg of cargo; while its “lunar cousin” would weigh 16.5 tonnes, have … Continue reading

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Japan Aim's For Walking Robot On The Moon

Japan aims for walking robot on the moon by 2020 Japan hopes to have a two-legged robot walk on the moon by around 2020, with a joint mission involving astronauts and robots to follow, according to a plan laid out … Continue reading

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It Is Time To Register for The ISDC

It is time to register for the International Space Development Conference.  The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference for the National Space Society and has grown into the largest public space conference of the year.  It is … Continue reading

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NSS Space Settlement Nexus

Check out the Space Settlement Nexus on the NSS website!   It has numerous space settlement links including a link to the Space Settlement Library.  Check out the NSS Space Settlement Library! The NSS Space Settlement Library contains over 30,000 pages on site, … Continue reading

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