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Space Business in Boston

Space viewed as a frontier for business By Sean Teehan in the Boston Globe Rocket ships and outer space conjure up images of shuttle launches, moon landings, and the wonders of the unknown beyond Earth’s atmosphere. But for about 130 … Continue reading

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The Washington Post on Space Commercialization

Spaced Out NASA’s vision for human exploration needs some hard questions and perhaps an entrepreneurial boost in the Washington Post Now that the station is nearly complete, this might be an optimal time to open space to entrepreneurs. Many companies … Continue reading

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Paths to Space Settlement

I’ve recently finished a paper on space settlement called “Paths to Space Settlement.”  Here’s the abstract: A number of firms are developing commercial sub-orbital launch vehicles to carry tourists into space. Let’s assume they attract many customers and become profitable. … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at SpaceX

Behind the Scenes With the World’s Most Ambitious Rocket Makers- An improbable partnership between an Internet mogul and an engineer could revolutionize the way NASA conducts missions—and, if these iconoclasts are successful, send paying customers into space. by early 2002 … Continue reading

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Commerical Space Flight On the Augustine Commision

The commercial perspective on human spaceflight- Eric Berger Interviewing Mark Sirangelo and Larry Williams. in SciGuy blog of the Houston Chronicle From the commercial perspective, how soon, and for how much money, could we have a low-Earth-orbit crew transport vehicle?

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New Space Looks to the Moon

MAKING THE MOON PAY Ramin Khadem, a veteran of the telecom satellite industry, thinks there’s definitely money to be made on the moon. That’s not surprising: As chairman of Odyssey Moon Limited, he’s in charge of one of the ventures planning … Continue reading

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