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National Space Society Applauds NASA Asteroid Capture Plan

The National Space Society (NSS) applauds the new NASA budget item that would provide close to $100 million for a mission to rendezvous with a small asteroid and move it into orbit around the Moon where it could later be … Continue reading

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NASA to Test Bigelow Expandable Module on Space Station

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver announced January 16 a newly planned addition to the International Space Station that will use the orbiting laboratory to test expandable space habitat technology. NASA has awarded a $17.8 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace to … Continue reading

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Life in outer space? 37-year-old NASA project depicts how leading minds of the time dreamed about colonizing space

The New York Daily News published this story on December 13, 2012. The story quotes two National Space Society Directors: Mark Hopkins and Al Globus. “Amazing artwork from the 1970s shows scientists’ vision of creating settlements in space. They got … Continue reading

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NASA Awards Commercial Crew Certification Contracts

NASA announced December 10th the next step in its plan to launch American astronauts from U.S. soil, selecting three companies to conduct activities under contracts that will enable future certification of commercial spacecraft as safe to carry humans to the … Continue reading

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Britain Adds Funds to Repurpose ESA ATV as Orion Service Module

European Space Agency (ESA) Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Image Credit: ESA / CNES / Arianespace / Photo optique video du CSG The European Space Agency (ESA) announced they will inform NASA they are ready to build an ATV derived Service … Continue reading

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The Return of the Dragon

NASA press release about the successful completion of the first commercial resupply mission the the International Space Station: RELEASE: 12-381 SPACEX DRAGON RETURNS FROM SPACE STATION WITH NASA CARGO HOUSTON — A Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) Dragon spacecraft splashed down … Continue reading

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Dragon – "The Ice Cream Truck Has Arrived"

At 3:56 AM Pacific Daylight time, Wednesday 10 October, the SpaceX Dragon space craft was successfully grappled by the Canadarm on the International Space Station (ISS). Referring to the fact that Dragon is capable of carrying powered equipment to and … Continue reading

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Earth Illuminated: ISS Time-lapse Photography

We recommend switching to HD full screen for this video if your bandwidth allows. From high above the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS) provides a unique vantage point to view our home planet. Stunning time-lapse photography of cities, aurora, … Continue reading

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Seeking Your Input on NASA’s Plans, Programs and Priorities

Here’s your opportunity to contribute to the future direction of NASA’s plans, programs and priorities, in a study directed by Congress and led by the National Academies. This is your space program and your future. What do you have to … Continue reading

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Successful Landing of Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) Rover – Historic Next Step in Mars Exploration

The successful landing of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, Curiosity, early Monday morning marks a significant and historic achievement on the way to the eventual human exploration of Mars. “Curiosity’s successful landing demonstrates the feasibility of delivering ever-heavier payloads … Continue reading

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