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Behind the Scenes at SpaceX

Behind the Scenes With the World’s Most Ambitious Rocket Makers- An improbable partnership between an Internet mogul and an engineer could revolutionize the way NASA conducts missions—and, if these iconoclasts are successful, send paying customers into space. by early 2002 … Continue reading

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Welcome South Korea to the Club of Space Faring Nations

Congratulations to South Korea on their first successful rocket launch. South Korea launches first rocket into space It is South Korea’s first launch of a rocket from its own territory. Since 1992, it has launched 11 satellites, all on foreign-made … Continue reading

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Space Solar Power Book on NSS Website

Sun Power -The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis by Ralph Nansen, the complete online book on the NSS Website. (Thanks Ralph! I have heard rumors he has a new book coming out.) “The future of mankind is dependent … Continue reading

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Commerical Space Flight On the Augustine Commision

The commercial perspective on human spaceflight- Eric Berger Interviewing Mark Sirangelo and Larry Williams. in SciGuy blog of the Houston Chronicle From the commercial perspective, how soon, and for how much money, could we have a low-Earth-orbit crew transport vehicle?

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Dennis Wingo on Augustine Commission

Beyond Augustine by Dennis Wingo in On Orbit There are many ideas that have been scoffed at or sidelined, like In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) that could be brought back into the mix. Ion propulsion space tugs are also much … Continue reading

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Getting Space Solar Power off the Ground

WILLIAM MANESS ON WHY ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AND POWER GRIDS AREN’T GOOD PLAYMATES AND HIS PLANS FOR BEAMING SOLAR POWER FROM SPACE. in Seed Magazine Seed: What makes it superior to other forms of alternative energy? WM: The way power is … Continue reading

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NASA Moon Plan Too Ambitious

NASA’s moon plan too ambitious, Obama panel says – A panel reviewing NASA’s current plans for human space flight will report that there is no realistic way to return to the moon by 2020 — or even 2028. – The … Continue reading

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Obama Review Panel Endorses Commercial Human Space Flight Options

Next Step in Space News Release WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 13, 2009 – During what may be the last public meeting, the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee, commissioned by President Obama to study current U.S. human space … Continue reading

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International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space

September 8-10, 2009,  SPACE Canada in cooperation with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) will welcome representatives from the international community of science and technology, members of the academic community, experts in space and international law, leaders in the fight against … Continue reading

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Calls for the return of NIAC

Expert panel urges NASA to revive futuristic think tank NASA should revive its Institute for Advanced Concepts, a blue-skies idea mill that closed in 2007, says an expert panel – but it says the new incarnation should have its feet … Continue reading

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