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Water Detected on Largest Object in the Asteroid Belt, Ceres

Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have made the first definitive detection of water vapor on the largest and roundest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres. Plumes of water vapor are thought to shoot up periodically from Ceres when portions … Continue reading

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Video of Virgin Galactic’s Third Powered Flight

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Opposition to HR 3625 Grows

On December 11 the United States House of Representatives Science, Space, and Technology Committee approved a bill, H.R. 3625, that would require an act of Congress to cancel four of NASA’s largest programs: The Space Launch System (SLS), the Orion … Continue reading

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National Space Society Opposes HR 3625

The Washington DC-based National Space Society (NSS) strongly opposes the passage of House of Representatives bill HR 3625. This bill would (a) require NASA to obtain legislative permission to cancel four of its most expensive human spaceflight and science programs, … Continue reading

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