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Paths to Space Settlement

The latest paper in the NSS Journal of Space Settlement is “Paths to Space Settlement” by Al Globus. ABSTRACT A number of firms are developing commercial sub-orbital launch vehicles to carry tourists into space. Let’s assume they attract many customers … Continue reading

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Britain Adds Funds to Repurpose ESA ATV as Orion Service Module

European Space Agency (ESA) Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Image Credit: ESA / CNES / Arianespace / Photo optique video du CSG The European Space Agency (ESA) announced they will inform NASA they are ready to build an ATV derived Service … Continue reading

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Your Very Own Personal Space Program

By Michael Mackowski There are many ways folks express their interest in the space program. Some space enthusiasts read everything they can find and often have a large book collection. Some people accumulate souvenirs and autographs. Photos, patches, and pins … Continue reading

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