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Beautiful New "Blue Marble" Image

1200 x 1200 pixel 500 kilobyte version 8000 x 8000 pixel 16 megabyte version This striking “Blue Marble” image of the Earth was taken January 4th by NASA’s newest Earth-observing satellite, the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP). The satellite … Continue reading

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Day of Remembrance

The last week of January includes an annual observance to remember those who lost their lives in pursuing a goal of human spaceflight. President Obama said on January 26: “It is important to remember that pushing the boundaries of space … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney on Space

Mitt Romney gave a speech on space January 27 in Brevard County, Florida.  A 17-minute video of the speech is available on the Floriday Today website. The same day Romney received an Open Letter from eight space leaders, including former … Continue reading

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Transcript of Newt Gingrich January 25 Space Policy Speech

Newt Gingrich Town Hall Meeting on Space Policy, January 25, 2012, Cocoa, Florida Transcript of 25-minute speech, courtesy of National Space Society [PDF version] See also: Video of speech on C-SPAN and NSS Press Release What I’d like to do … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich on Space

Newt Gingrich made a major speech on space on January 25, which stressed the importance of commercial activities including the use of prizes. He called for a bold and aggressive space program, which by 2020 would establish a permanent base … Continue reading

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SpaceX Slips Dragon Mission to ISS

SpaceX announced that it will slip the launch of the Dragon spacecraft aboard a Falcon 9 from the original 7 February 2012 date. The specific reason for the delay was not specified, but was related to a “sense of responsibility … Continue reading

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Sign the Petition for a July 20 National Space Exploration Day

The Utah Space Association, a Chapter of the National Space Society, is dedicated to the creation of the first holiday to celebrate space exploration. It would occur on July 20th, the anniversary of the first Moon landing. The holiday would … Continue reading

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More Planets than Stars – But Axial Tilt may be the Key to Life

There is an average of more than one planet per star in the Milky Way Image Credit: NASA / ESA / ESO With the forthcoming publication in the journal Nature on 12 January, it is estimated that there are more … Continue reading

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LtCol Paul Damphousse USMC (Ret) Named Executive Director As NSS Enters Its 25th Year

The National Space Society (NSS) is proud to announce that LtCol Paul E. Damphousse USMC (Ret) has been named Executive Director effective January 1, 2012.  The appointment of LtCol Damphousse coincides with the 25th anniversary of the 1987 merger of … Continue reading

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