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Mars Society Conference

The Mars Society Conference is off to a great start.  I was in the neighborhood so I dropped by this evening, they had a lovely reception.  Chris Carberry said that the Legislative Blitz had been a great success. I hope … Continue reading

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Al Globus on Marcia Smith

In MISSING THE MARK By Marcia S. Smith July 23, 2009 Ms. Smith wrote “Alternatively, if President Obama does not care enough about the space program to adequately fund   it, let’s find that out now.”  In Washington there is only one measure  of … Continue reading

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New Space Looks to the Moon

MAKING THE MOON PAY Ramin Khadem, a veteran of the telecom satellite industry, thinks there’s definitely money to be made on the moon. That’s not surprising: As chairman of Odyssey Moon Limited, he’s in charge of one of the ventures planning … Continue reading

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NSS Supports Mars Society Convention

NSS Members Receive “Membership Rate” National Space Society members are invited to register at a discounted rate for the 12th annual International Mars Society Convention, to be held this week, July 30-August 2 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Click … Continue reading

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The Canadian Space Movement

How do we get young Canadians to reach for the stars? by Sumitra Rajagopalan Forty years later, the sequel is being written as the US and many other countries, including Canada, gear up for the next Moon shot. Like the … Continue reading

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Does The President Need to Micromanage NASA?

In MISSING THE MARK By Marcia S. Smith July 23, 2009 Ms. Smith wrote- NASA has spent the last 40 years doing what it was told to do – build and operate the space shuttle and (albeit much more slowly … Continue reading

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Dr. John Bossard has come up with this new term. “Exvironmentalism”. The word environment comes from the word “environ”. Your “environs” would be the places in you immediate region around you. It comes from the old French word which literally … Continue reading

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Posts on Space Settlement Blog Day

I want to thank everyone who particapated in Space Settlement Blog Day. It was very successful.  There were several very interesting essays written for the occasion. Space Settlement Blog Day by Douglas Mallette on The Space Advocate Settle the Final Frontier by Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Space Ambassador Program Update

Dear Space Ambassadors, It’s truly exciting to see the development of the Space Ambassador Program nearing completion with a startup date rapidly approaching. I know there are over 3700 Space Ambassadors out there that are just as excited as we … Continue reading

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Keep America In Space …For All Mankind

The Coalition for Space Exploration wants to Keep America in Space.

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