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Karen's Excellent Adventure at the ISDC

I have had a great time at the ISDC.  The Space Ambassadors Reception and Fireworks on Thursday Partying until I get kicked out of the Hospitality Suite and then waking at dawn to swim in the glorious pools. swimming 50 … Continue reading

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ISDC 2009 update: George Nield of FAA AST opens up Commercial Space Day

Hey space fans, Ian Murphy reporting again from ISDC 2009 through the NSS blog.   First off, sorry for not getting this out sooner.  I was shooting for 2:30 but I forgot there was a meeting of the NSS public … Continue reading

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Got this from Will after his speech (IM)… 28th May 2009:  Virgin Galactic today announces the successful completion of the first phase of tests of the rocket motor that will propel space tourists, scientists and payloads into space.  In the … Continue reading

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ISDC 2009 update: ISDC 2009 Registration & Afternoon Sessions of SIS6

Ian Murphy reporting from the ISDC registration room… Registration is in full swing, the bags look great (still can’t add photos sorry) the volunteers shirt look great but either their too big or humans have begin shrinking at an unusual … Continue reading

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ISDC 2009 Update: Morning Sessions Update From Space Investment Summit 6

Hey all you space fans.  Official ISDC troublemaker Ian Murphy here .  Tim Bailey gave me the keys to the ISDC blog so I am going to do my best to feed your insatiable appetite for all things ISDC throughout the weekend.  I … Continue reading

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National Space Society Applauds Nomination of Charles Bolden and Lori Garver to lead NASA

Garver served 9 years as Executive Director of the National Space Society Washington, DC – Tuesday, May 26, 2009 – The National Space Society (NSS) is pleased to congratulate retired Marine Major General and four-time Space Shuttle Astronaut Charles Bolden … Continue reading

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Jeff Foust on Bolden Nomination

Bolden’s burdens by Jeff Foust The announcement, when it did come, was something of an anticlimax. A little over a week earlier Bolden’s name emerged as a leading candidate—somewhat surprisingly, since he had not been widely considered a favorite candidate of … Continue reading

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New Book Remembering Apollo 11

Remembering America’s first moon walk  “The 40th Anniversary of The First Moon Walk” is not just a fund raising project by the Phoenix Moon Society; it’s a way to preserve the memory. Without the quotes from those who were listening … Continue reading

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Mankins on NASA Technolgy Development

To boldly go: the urgent need for a revitalized investment in space technology by John C. Mankins Introduction At the beginning of the space age, the United States realized that preeminence in space exploration and development could only be achieved … Continue reading

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STS-125 Mission Status Briefing 05-19-09

Tony Ceccacci, STS-125 Lead Flight Director, Eric Smith Hubble Space Telescope Program Scientist, NASA Headquarters and David Leckrone, Hubble Space Telescope Senior Project Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, discuss the success of the mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble … Continue reading

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